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  30 Day Summer Psalm Adventure Welcome with Gwen Smith
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Added: Monday, March 23rd, 2015
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30 Day Summer Psalm Adventure Welcome with Gwen Smith

The 30 Day Summer Psalm Adventure is beginning and I am so glad you are joining FREE downloadable e-book (workbook) is available to enhance your time of study and reflection. Download the e-book here: you have officially registered for the study, you will start to receive emails each weekday morning that will instruct you in your reading for the day. (Haven’t registered? No problem. Go to ) The 30 Day SPA is a 6 week journey through the Old Testament book of day of the adventure is an opportunity to:READRECORDREFLECTRESPONDUltimately, this is a personal time between you, God and His Word. It’s my joy and honor to join you along the way. It’s time to begin, but before we do – I want to hear from you! Let’s connect and commit. 🙂 LEAVE a COMMENT below with three things:#1. Your city & state (or country if you live outside the US)#2. Your personal goal for the study#3. Your commitment: “I’m in for 30!” (or even, “I’m in for 60!”) ;)Can’t wait to hear from you and get for doing life with me,GwenPS: Let’s keep in touch beyond this study! Subscribe to my newsletter at BIG BONUS: when you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive a FREE song download of my new song “Quiet Me”!

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