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  Christ Is Enough - Hillsong Live (New 2013 Album) Best Worship...
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Added: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
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Christ Is Enough - Hillsong Live (New 2013 Album) Best Worship Song with...

Hillsong Live Album Glorious Ruins, 2013, Name of Song: Christ is enoughTo purchase this song in itunes, is my rewardAnd all of my devotionNow there’s nothing in this worldThat could ever satisfyPRE-CHORUSThrough every trialMy soul will singNo turning backI’ve been set freeCHORUSChrist is enough for meChrist is enough for meEverything I need is in YouEverything I needVERSEChrist my all in allThe joy of my salvationAnd this hope will never failHeaven is our homePRE-CHORUSThrough every stormMy soul will singJesus is hereTo God be the gloryBRIDGEI have decided to follow JesusNo turning backNo turning backThe cross before meThe world behind meNo turning backNo turning

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