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  Dr Michelle Bengtson Freedom from Depression 2c Beat Back Despair...
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Added: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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Dr Michelle Bengtson Freedom from Depression 2c Beat Back Despair with...

Now, how do we reconcile God’s command to be joyful when we are combating the enemy’s lies and coming from the spirits of despair and doubt and self-pity. You know, part of it is identifying the lies. I already told you that one of the lies is that I was joy immune. I was not quick to recognize that that was even a thought I was having. But, scripture says that the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. And, then, as He brought that to mind I realized, oh my goodness, that is not consistent with what scripture says. Scripture says, I am victorious in Christ Jesus. Scripture says, I am more than an overcomer. And, as I started becoming aware and I would verbalize those things out loud, my spirit would life just a little bit. And, you know one of the things that I learned when I was so sick is that desperation makes us willing. And, it made me willing. Oh my goodness, it made me so willing. But, what we have to be careful is that we have to make sure that we’re willing for the right thing because desperation can lead us down the wrong path. Desperation can lead us to alcoholism. Desperation can lead us to drug abuse. Desperation can lead us to our fears or desperation can lead us into the hands of the Father who can bring us freedom from depression and anxiety and despair. Fortunately for me, desperation led me to the Father. Kay Warren, in her book about joy, says joy is the settled assurance that God is in control over all the details of my life. The quiet confidence that ultimately everything’s going to be alright and the determined choice to praise God in all things. And, she describes joy as a settled conviction about God. It’s the quiet confidence in God. And, joy is a determined choice to give my praise to God. When I first became sick, I was not filled with a lot of praise. In fact, I was kind of angry. OK. I was alot angry. I was really angry because all of a sudden I couldn’t do what I thought I was supposed to do. I couldn’t be the person I thought I was supposed to be. But as I started, a friend sent me a text message one Sunday morning. The family was at church and I couldn’t be there and she sent me a text message. And, I’ll never forget. It was as simple as I was in church today and they played this worship song. It was by Plumb. It was “I need you now.” And, she said I thought of you today. And, it was the Youtube version and I played it and it just pierced my heart. I thought, yeah, I need you now. And I played it and I played it and I played it and I played it and I played it. And, that was the origin for the playlist is now in Hope Prevails. Because I played that song and then, when you play a song on YouTube, you know how then it will bring up another song? And, I played that one. And, then I played the next song and then the next one and I realized what a difference listening to praise and worship music made. I had a real hard time uttering praise right then but I could sing it. The enemy hates it. But, the Word says God inhabits the praises of His people and I would praise in my song and it made a difference. But the enemy hates it. So, as I was singing, God inhabited the praises and He was in that room and He made me feel better. And, the enemy was fleeing. And, so part of what we have to do is be willing to sure to SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel my website for more encouragement and out more information on my book: Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through sign up for Hope Filled updates (my weekly posts filled with encouragement and tips for your health and well-being) and receive 99 Life Changing Truths from God’s Word to Speak Over Your Life to Combat the Lies of the Enemy, go to a free eBook: How To Help a Depressed Loved One. Are you a family member or friend of a loved one with depression? This free eBook will help you understand what your depressed loved one is experiencing and how you can a replay of my 10 Tips to Beat the Blues Webinar, go Michelle BengtsonAmazon Author Page: :

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