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  Finding Your Purpose in Life: Does Faith Matter? His Grace
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Added: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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Finding Your Purpose in Life: Does Faith Matter? His Grace

you ever wondered if God and Jesus Christ are really there? You are not alone. Rich Millar grew up believing completely in the reality and importance of the gospel. Prayer, scripture study, and service were his way of life. But that the faith that I had always had was a slow process, he says. You dont realize what youve lost until much further down the road. Whats the purpose of life? Was Gods love real? Was God Himself real? Rich asked all of these questions. The problems of the world only confused him more. Because of all this pain and suffering that exists, maybe that means God doesnt exist, he thought. Rich left his faith behind to search for another kind of truth. He was surprised by what he found. No matter how illogical it may sound, there is a Godan all-powerful, all-knowing God. Subscribe to Mormon Channel for the latest videos: Download the Mormon Channel AppiOS: Android: Follow Mormon ChannelFacebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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