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  "Home Depot/Dealing With An Atheist" Comedy By Mark Lowry
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Added: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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"Home Depot/Dealing With An Atheist" Comedy By Mark Lowry

Many people are upset i disabled comments on this video. i suppose in the past i said the reason why i disabled them wrong. looking back on it now the real reason i disabled them is because it was turning into a very huge, tiring fued against christians and atheists. and some people (and no not just atheists) were becoming very mean-spirited and disrespectful. I get a whole lot of comments on my videos which i’m always behind on. and it was becoming too tiring to keep up with so finally i just disabled comments, this is the only video i’ve had to do far as the video content, its not meant to be taken in offense. Mark is just voicing his opinion on the matter, and he does it in comedic way that if you really know him you’ll know certain things he says arent meant to be taken literally and besides take a look at how often christians are made fun of. Nobody is forcing you to watch and making personal attacks against me is not going to help you any. Mark does not mean to offend anyone, and neither do I. My choice to disable the comments was my way of trying to end the bickering with everybody, not just atheists, and nothing more. I do not mind people voicing their opinions even if they are different than my own. But it is possible to voice your opinion without being disrespectful to others and a lot of people in the comments didnt seem to get that.

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