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  I was raped and sexually abused. What does God think?
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Added: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
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I was raped and sexually abused. What does God think?

A girl tells us that she’s been raped and sexually abused. After going through some counseling, she’s doing much better now, but is wondering what God thinks of her being abused. Does He think she’s dirty, to blame, at fault, or mad at her?Rape and sexual abuse causes a lot of pain, hurt, and struggles in life, especially later when you bring that into your marriage and future relationships. It’s tough! We do our best to answer that question today for this girl and anyone else who might have gone through rape and sexual abuse. We hope you can heal from the pain and struggles you ‘S VLOG TO OUR WEEKLY VIDEOS! YOUR QUESTION Questions posts a new video every week answering real questions from real teens about real life. If you’re a teenager, ask your question about whatever you’re going through in life using the link below, subscribe, and we’ll do our best to answer it in an upcoming ‘S CONNECT! OUR WEEKLY VIDEOS VIA FEED FOR OUR are neither professional counselors nor therapists. We’re just people who love teenagers and give information and encouragement based on our experiences and what we’ve learned from others. This information is given with the understanding that we are not offering professional advice. Since the details of your particular situation are fact dependent, you should additionally seek the services of a competent modified and used with permission under the Creative Commons “Attribution ” License, by Kevin MacLeod ().VIDEO COPYRIGHT 2012 Schmoyer Media, LLC

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