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  Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)
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Added: Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
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Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)

NEW SHORT FILM coming soon! This is my biggest project it out at “Living in a world where everybody wears masks due to lack of self-identity, a brave girl encounters the truth that sets her free”This is for those who need to hear this message.”Identity” is a project made for the youth in ‘t let society define your Identity, or to tell you who you have to truth is already inside of you. Don’t lose who you Student Short film shot on a Canon 7d mostly with a 24-70mm lensCan be used for Christian youth groupsWritten and Directed by: KJ AdamesProduced by: Stella DavisGirl: RUTHY CEPEDAProfessor A: Jaime TaverasChess teacher: Jonathan CastanoShot on a Canon 7dsound recorded on an h4nThanks to UCF Film your thoughts below. Share this with the : @kjadamesFacebook: : @kjadames

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