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  Jesus Saves. Sheena's Powerful Testimony.
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Added: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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Jesus Saves. Sheena's Powerful Testimony.

“…that little girl that nobody loved, God ran after me. I didn’t have to be all clean and perfect,…” grew up in a home where drugs and abuse was the norm. Her home was anything but safe and/or stable. As no child should ever feel the need to do, Sheena sought the love and acceptance of her dysfunctional caregivers, by trying to be a perfect little girl. She reasoned, if she could just be what everybody wanted her to be (perfect), maybe her family would love her, just like the other kids who have parents who love them. Unfortunately, negative messages that she was a burden, and unwanted were just too much for her to bear. Giving in to destructive temptations, she got to the place where she just wanted to end her life, as a fix to end the hurt and pain. Burdened and gripped by the incredible discouragement and sense of hopelessness for her future, Sheena thought suicide was “the best way”. Clearly, she was becoming the person she never wanted to be, repeating the same mistakes of the people in her life. At the tender age of 13, Sheena attempted suicide by overdosing on drugs. Little to her knowledge at the time, not only was God preserving her through the dark and painful times, God was pursuing her, preparing her for a powerful and radical encounter with Him, that would change everything. God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. From Heaven to earth, God pursues the lost (Luke 19:10, Ezekiel 34:11-12). Sheena found true love, forgiveness, and healing, that mended her broken you have gone through tough times in life and feel hopeless for the future, Sheena’s testimony will give hope and encouragement. If in your life, someone hurt you in any way, like people hurt Sheena, please understand, it was never in God’s plan for you, for anyone to hurt you. There is a great deal of evil taking place under the sun that is not God’s will, but Heaven wants you to know today, that God has heard every single one of your cries and prayers, and He is on a rescuing mission, to seek and to save you, healing your broken heart, and making you whole from within. Open your heart to Him today, and experience His Am Second jesus christ christian christianity God life love special light come to the embrace live for others meaning found mistakes past came to see how best you are not alone michael jackson hd trailer teaser simpsons family guy athiest athiesm debate vs re video update fox news cnn dollar crash current teachings teacher good evil satan devil films hollywood actor athlete nfl mvp player of the year successful empty without singer musician colt politician pray walk with fulfilled loving funny Ashley Rawls Bailee Madison Brian Welch Blake Mankin Chris Plekenpol Colt McCoy Colt McCoy & Sam Bradford Darrell Waltrip Jack Graham Jason Castro Jason Witten Jerry Zucha Joe Gibbs John Meador Josh Hamilton Karen Green Lee Lucas Lisa Luby Ryan Michelle Aguilar Mike Huckabee Natalie Sebastian Nate Larkin Pete Briscoe Priscilla Nicoara Richard Ellis I Am Second Rod Bayron Sam Bradford Shannon Culpepper Shawna Stephen Baldwin The Parks Tony Evans Victoria Childress

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