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  Lost And Found (1st PLACE Award Winning Christian Short Film)
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Added: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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Lost And Found (1st PLACE Award Winning Christian Short Film)

This film WON 1st place in the 2013-2014 NCFCA National Short Film CONTACT Cody Dedon you can email him at lanid6mom@ Productions presents, “Lost and Found”, a short film depicting the life of a man named Reginald Kelly. I would tell you more, but then you wouldn’t need to watch it, and I want you to watch it, because I put a TON of time into making it. If you like it, please please please subscribe to my channel and share this video with your friends via facebook or other forms of social media. This was filmed with a Canon would like to give special thanks to the Kelly family who allowed me to film in the Kelly cemetery. Also, special thanks to my grandparents who sat quietly for hours while we filmed in their house (Billy and Mary Studios). Special thanks also to Megan Dedon and Anna Jolibois for assisting with the camera and actors are listed in order of appearance: Johnny Clancy (Reginald’s Father), Faith Clancy (Reginald’s Mother), Jonah Foster (Young Reginald), Cody Dedon (Teenage Reginald), Josie Jolibois (Reginald’s Girlfriend), Steve Foster (Middle Aged Reginald) Liz Foster (Reginald’s Wife), Don Landry (Elderly Reginald), Mitch Lovett (TV Preacher), Tommy Dedon (Graveside Preacher), Lanita Dedon (Graveside Observer), Megan Dedon (Graveside Observer), Anna Douglas (Graveside Observer) Tirzah Douglas (Graveside Ovserver), Joy Reynalds (Graveside Observer) Caleb Reynalds (Graveside Observer).

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