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  Love So High - Hillsong Live (2012 DVD Album Cornerstone) Lyrics...
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Added: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
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Love So High - Hillsong Live (2012 DVD Album Cornerstone) Lyrics (Best...

Hillsong Live New DVD Album, Cornerstone, 2012, Name of Song: Love So HighOutside the city wallsOn a wooden crossA light in the darknessBleeding from Your handsFlowing from Your sideA river of mercyA river of mercyYour love so greatHigher than the starsUnfailing loveDeeper than the seaYour love so sureStronger than the mountainsOh Your loveIt’s everything to meHow deep how wide how long how highThorns that made a crownForgiveness falling downYour wounds are the healingThe earth began to moveAnd all of heaven knewDeath was defeatedAnd all because of You JesusYour love so highYour love so highYour love so highIn order to purchase this song: order to buy CD or DVD from Hillsong order to see videos of heaven visitation:

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