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  Newsboys - I Am Second
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Added: Monday, February 3rd, 2014
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Newsboys - I Am Second

“I Am Second”There’s a me that I don’t really likeA me that says I’mIn control til the day that I dieAnd I dont know whyI push I pull I fight I fallI end up crawling back toThat place where I figure it outThat I, that I, that II’M SECOND TO ONEREDEEMER, THE WAY, THE LIGHTI’M SECOND TO ONETHE SAVIORNO COMPROMISEI’M LAYING EVERYTHINGAT THE FOOT OF THE CROSSMY PRIDE, MY LIFE, MY ALLI AM SECOND TO ONEAND HE IS SECOND TO NONEThere’s a change when I swallow my prideAnd I surrenderThere’s a peace when I open my eyesCuz I rememberTo live’s to dieTo fall’s to riseTo kneel’s to find the SaviorHere I am and I’ve figured it outTonight tonight said “You come aliveWhen you lose your life”so I lay it downYeah I surrender all

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