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  Reconciliation after Divorce - Broken Together
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Added: Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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Reconciliation after Divorce - Broken Together

God reconciled our marriage. This video is our testimony of the amazing power he has. We were beyond broken and had gone through the but God’s will was to reunite us and reconcile our broken family. We share our story and this video in hopes that it can touch someone else who may be experiencing these difficulties. There are 2 songs that helped through the hard times: Casting Crowns – Broken Together and Among the Thirsty – Completely. I was lost and Among the Thirsty – Completely – came on the I had been listening to KLove for years but never felt a song until the moment I heard it for the first time. Completely is such a strong but without a doubt it completely lead me to changing my life and heart. Thank you Among the Thirsty for making such an impacting and beautiful song. We were broken and I did not know how to save my the day I thought I would give up on Casting Crowns- Broken Together- came it gave me hope In that moment I decided no matter what I would not give up. If it had not been for the grace of God reminding me that it is ok to be Broken that we do not have to be we would not be here sharing our testimony. Thank you Casting Crown for creating such an amazing song with such love and It has truly touched us and today we will be tying God’s knot to it. November 20, 2014 we stood before the judge and was awarded a But that was not God’s Today, May 23, 2015 we will be renewing our and I thank God everyday to where we are and the broken path that led us here. We had to start placing God as our foundation to make sure we do not fall again.

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